What is the EuPhO?

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The European Physics Olympiad (EuPhO) is a competition for high school students. The concept of the EuPhO resembles real research situations, with short problem descriptions and plenty of room for creative solutions.

The first EuPhO was held in Tallinn, Estonia in 2017, the second in Moscow, Russia in 2018, and the third in Riga, Latvia in 2019. The fourth EuPhO was to be held in Sato Mare, Romania, in 2020, but was cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Instead, an online edition of the Olympiad was organised by Estonia with great success and 257 participants from 54 participating countries from around the world. The ongoing pandemic led to the decision to also organise the fifth EuPhO in 2021 in an online format.

It was again successfully organised by Estonia, with 46 participating countries and 219 participants.

In 2022, the sixth EuPhO was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia with 182 students from 37 countries.

In 2023, the seventh EuPho was held in Germany, In total, there were 176 students and 72 leaders/observers from 37 countries present at EuPhO 2023.